For as long as man has existed, I believe there have been testimonials. Stories of remembrance, stories of triumphs and of trials. Stories of life, and those who lived it.

If you’ve ever read the Bible, then you have read some very interesting testimonies. Long ago, God instructed His people to build memorials. Most of the time these were made of stones. Sometimes just a pile of stones, nothing fancy. It was the testimony that was important, not the monument. People gathered by the stones to hear the stories. Stories of the lives of elders who had gone before them. Stories of how God had worked in their lives. Stories to honor both God and man.

The stones were placed as a visual marker. The stories were passed on from generation to generation. One could say that the monuments touched the eyes, whereas the stories touched the hearts of men.

Here on this website, I have placed some “stones,”  testimonies and memorials to the people in my life who have gone on before me. It is my way of memorializing those I love. It is also a tool to help me through the grieving process. Remembering those who have died, and putting those memories to words helps comfort those who are grieving. I encourage each one of you to do the same.

Pass on the memories you have about your loved ones. Let others know that their lives meant something to you. Tell your children, your family, your friends. Perhaps you will be inspired to write about your own loved ones and create your own blog for that purpose. And in doing so, the people you have loved will be remembered and honored.