You Are Not Alone

Many people facing grief think that they are alone. We feel like no one has ever felt the pain that we feel. The feeling that our hearts have been ripped out of us. The fears that we have of being left behind. Alone.

But you are not alone. If you are reading this, you have made a connection with me. I am a living person, who is greiving. I know the feelings, the fears, the pain. Grief is a process. Something happened to us, some event occurred, and it has left us to face a long and often painful process.

It is true that each person’s grief is unique to them. So in that respect, we all must travel on a journey of solitude from time to time. That is what makes the process special. There is a part of someone in our hearts. Whoever that person is, he or she is special to us. The memories of that person (or persons) are ours alone. We shared special times with the person we are greiving. He or she had an impact on our lives. So it is only logical to assume that there are times when others will not understand.

Others cannot understand, because they do not share those memories.There will be times when you feel absolutely and totally alone. That is a natural feeling. For me, it happens at night. When all is quiet, and I am left with only my thoughts. The feeling of aloneness is most prominent then.

I am learning to embrace that feeling. Sometimes it is not a bad thing to be alone. There will be other times when you feel desperate for company. But it may be at 2:00 a.m., and none of your relatives or friends are dedicated enough that they will wake up and talk to you! This is where you can come. You can turn on your computer and read through this website. You can cry with me, and laugh with me. Talk to me, even if I can’t hear you! You can know, without a doubt, that other people know what you are going through.